(18 months to 24 months)

Our toddler programmes are designed to cater to children as they become more physically active and more communicative. As they start to learn to speak in full sentences, they also develop more distinct emotions and awareness of the self. The programmes also develop them cognitively to hit key milestones like understanding object permanence and increased logical thinking.

Rumble Tumble

A wide range of outdoor play activities including water play, and sand play that promote the development of sensory awareness, motor skills, body awareness, spatial awareness, object control, and stability.

Art Attack

Art experiences that encourage creativity and expression with plenty of stimuli to invoke children’s artistic competency in drawing, painting, printing, creating collages and constructing 3-dimensional structures.


The numeracy programme focuses on rote counting and developing a sense for numbers, matching, making comparisons and associations according to size and length, as well as broadening their use of mathematical language.

Show And Tell

Despite the limited vocabulary of toddlers, the Show and Tell programme is a head start into the process of helping young children build confidence in public speaking. Teachers prompt children with questions and provide them with supporting vocabulary after which they can model their speech.

Language & Literacy

Built upon the five components of achieving success in reading and writing — Alphabetic Code, Vocabulary, High Frequency Words, Fluency, and Comprehension — our Language & Literacy Outcomes set progressive learning goals for different age groups. Toddlers are exposed to stories, rhymes, and poems, and learn to follow verbal instructions as well as respond appropriately to simple questions.

Think Music, Think The Schoolhouse

The vibrant and holistic music programme is conceptualised by in-house music specialists to help infants experience music with melodies, rhymes, and percussion instruments.

Bilingual Programmes

For much of the classes taught in-house, children get to learn different subjects in a bilingual environment where co-partnering of English and Mandarin language teachers help reinforce language acquisition. Both the English and Mandarin teachers co-own the holistic development of children under their care and co-create the teaching plan together to incorporate and deliver themes, subjects, and topics in a cohesive and immersive bilingual environment. This arrangement surrounds children with equal amount of exposure to English and Mandarin, facilitating language acquisition at a very young age as they are encouraged to interact within context throughout the day.

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