The Schoolhouse Difference

At The Schoolhouse, we focus on preparing children for their future world. Our teaching approach will expose each growth stage to activities that integrate 5 key literacies of the 21st century; digital, media, visual, health & financial, and civic & ethical.


A captivating program that takes children on a journey of scientific and artistic exploration, encouraging hands-on experiments, project creation, and collaborative teamwork.

Real World

A program focusing on developing core reading, writing, and arithmetic skills while emphasising their practical applications in real-world contexts.

Maker House

A dedicated facility equipped with various tools and materials, inspiring children to experiment, explore their creativity, and cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit.


A welcoming space designed for meaningful interactions between adults and children, promoting values such as selflessness and self-calming.

Eat The World

An immersive mealtime experience that introduces children to diverse cuisines from different cultures, while promoting healthy eating habits and teaching important skills such as sharing and cleaning up.

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