(5 and 6 years old)

By Kindergarten, children begin preparing for formal education in Primary School. Our programmes are designed to bridge academic gaps and ease children into this transition. Children are also given opportunities to experience camping and outdoor field trips to better prepare themselves for the primary school programme.

Rumble Tumble

A wide range of outdoor play activities including water play, and sand play that promote the development of sensory awareness, motor skills, body awareness, spatial awareness, object control, and stability.

Art Attack

Art experiences that encourage creativity and expression with plenty of stimuli to invoke children’s artistic competency in drawing, painting, printing, creating collages and constructing 3-dimensional structures.


As children prepare for formal education, the numeracy programme focuses advanced mathematical concepts for preschool children, including arithmetic, money, symmetry, motion geometry, and more.

Think Music, Think The Schoolhouse

The vibrant and holistic music programme is conceptualised by in-house music specialists to bring together a wide genre of music to engage children in listening, moving, singing, and playing with a variety of percussion instruments, as well as begin their own exploration of music, communicating the process, and performing improvisation. Children are also encouraged to explore simple composition with some guidance.

Tinkering Station (STEM)

By exposing children to various experiments and simple investigations that help them discover how things work around them, we can nurture creativity, problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, and critical thinking skills in young children. Born into a world of intelligent devices, the children of today will also be introduced to the concept of coding to better understand the world around them.

Language & Literacy

Built upon the five components of achieving success in reading and writing — Alphabetic Code, Vocabulary, High Frequency Words, Fluency, and Comprehension — our Language & Literacy Outcomes set progressive learning goals for different age groups. At this stage, children are introduced to Creative Writing to help them understand basic writing conventions.

Author Study Programme

A reading and writing programme that gives aspiring young writers the opportunity to delve deeply into the life and work of renowned authors. Children develop their reading, writing, research, and critical thinking skills as they learn about the author’s writing style in terms of language choice and themes. They then learn to draw connections to their writing style, and create meaningful works of their own such as letters, posters, journals, speech bubbles, notices, and stories.

Bilingual Programmes

For much of the classes taught in-house, children get to learn different subjects in a bilingual environment where co-partnering of English and Mandarin language teachers help reinforce language acquisition. Both the English and Mandarin teachers co-own the holistic development of children under their care and co-create the teaching plan together to incorporate and deliver themes, subjects, and topics in a cohesive and immersive bilingual environment. This arrangement surrounds children with equal amount of exposure to English and Mandarin, facilitating language acquisition at a very young age as they are encouraged to interact within context throughout the day.

K2 Events (Preparation For P1)

During their last year, our team work together to prepare our K2 students for transition to P1. Over a span of 10 weeks, our children are given a taste of primary school education. This includes a physical or virtual tour around a primary school, learning about money and time concepts and key numeracy concepts. Children are also exposed to confidence building events such as Readers Theatre and Confidence Camp. The preparation period culminates in a tear and fun-filled graduation ceremony and uniform party that celebrates our children’s education at The Schoolhouse.

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