(2 months to 17 months)

Our infant programmes are specially curated to help children learn to recognise people, objects, sounds, as well as communicate with gestures and respond appropriately across the emotion spectrum. There are also activities that help them learn to crawl and stand, while developing better control over their limbs to grasp objects. At this age, the use of objects, puzzles, and more are also crucial in helping them explore the world around them.

Rumble Tumble

A wide range of outdoor play activities including water play, and sand play that promote the development of sensory awareness, motor skills, body awareness, spatial awareness, object control, and stability.

Art Attack

Art experiences that encourage creativity and expression with a variety of tools, techniques, and media to invoke children’s artistic competency in drawing, painting, printing, creating collages and constructing 3-dimensional structures. This may include hand and foot printing, stamping, jumbo crayons, and more.


The numeracy programme focuses on the use of different maths learning strategies and hands-on activities to introduce early numeracy concepts and skills, including shapes, colours, sizes, positions, and more.

Think Music, Think The Schoolhouse

The vibrant and holistic music programme is conceptualised by in-house music specialists to help infants experience music with melodies, rhymes, and percussion instruments.

Bilingual Programmes

For much of the classes taught in-house, children’s centre get to learn different subjects in a bilingual environment where co-partnering English and Mandarin language teachers help reinforce language acquisition under their care and co-create the teaching plan together to incorporate and deliver themes, subjects, and topics in a cohesive and immersive bilingual environment. This arrangement surrounds children with an equal amount of exposure to English and Mandarin, facilitating language acquisition at a very young age as they are encouraged to interact within context throughout the day.

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