3 advantages of STEM education for children

3 advantages of STEM education for children

As the abbreviation implies, STEM education focuses on providing children with knowledge and skills in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Logical, analytical, and problem-solving skills are critical for success in the modern world, and STEM education can help children in these areas. Furthermore, it can also improve creativity, enhance social skills and develop curiosity. To help you better understand what STEM education entails, we have compiled a list of its advantages below.

3 reasons why you should consider bilingual Preschool for your child?

3 reasons why you should consider bilingual preschool for your child?

As globalisation occurs, bilingualism has become a valuable asset in our everyday life, from education to the workforce. Research has suggested that the optimal age range for language acquisition typically happens before puberty. This is when children’s brains are still developing and are more receptive to new information. Moreover, it is also revealed that exposure to a second language during early childhood offers numerous benefits for your children. With this in mind, bilingual preschool serves as an important consideration in your children’s academic path. This article will share three reasons why you should consider bilingual preschool for your child.

Social skills-preschool enrichment class

4 advantages of preschool enrichment classes

With time, the early education landscape continues to evolve and one of the more apparent changes is the emergence of preschool enrichment classes. Enrichment classes refer to programmes that back learning and individualised strengths of children. They focus on arts, languages, sports and other core subjects to promote holistic growth and development. Beyond exposing children to numerous activities that they may only experience in elementary schools, preschool enrichment classes also provide opportunities for children to develop additional skills through small group learning experiences. With the goal of raising the standards for early childhood learning, preschool enrichment classes can serve as the foundation for all learning. Read on to see how they can benefit your child.

How preschool teachers positively impact your children

Preschool teachers play a crucial role in your children’s lives. Beyond helping them build trust and close ties with adults other than their parents, preschool teachers are also able to guide kids in developing learning interests. Children learn better with a strong sense of self-confidence and trust. These attributes are made possible when they are comfortable enough with caregivers and when caregivers are encouraging them to be more involved with school lessons and promoting learning processes. Developing an enthusiastic learning environment is key to positively impacting your children and this article will share how preschool teachers can do so.

Essential Qualities of a Dedicated Preschool Teacher: Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders

Teaching is both a rewarding and fulfilling profession. However, it comes with its own set of challenges as well, especially for preschool teachers. Patience and diligence are some of the many key attributes preschool teachers should possess to teach and help children through their growing phase. In addition, they also require more time to interact with children, ensuring they feel accepted in the learning process. For children, preschool teachers are one of the first adults they meet apart from their families. Therefore, the role of a dedicated preschool teacher is vital in imparting knowledge and shaping your child’s good character. Looking for a suitable preschool centre with quality teachers to enrol your child in? This article will serve as a helpful guide. In short, a preschool teacher should possess the following qualities.

3 advantages of STEM education for children

Building a Foundation: Kindergarten’s Role in Cultivating Five Essential Skills for Your Child’s Future

Enrolling your child in kindergarten marks an important milestone for both you and your child. Known as a key learning foundation for your little one in their upcoming academic journey, kindergarten allows children to grow and develop through play and interaction. It is also a place for children to gain knowledge and grow a connection to themselves, family, culture, their environment and the

Exploring Playgroups: A Fun and Beneficial Adventure for Kids to Grow and Learn

No doubt, rapid brain and skill development plays an essential role in the growth phase of children aged below five. A stimulating environment should be provided for young children to play and learn, ensuring optimal development. Thanks to playgroups, toddlers and young children can now enjoy various early learning experiences. Playgroups are an informal set up that incorporate learning basic skills in children. Besides allowing your little ones to gain knowledge about the world around them, playgroups also provide an opportunity for parents and caregivers to exchange childcare ideas and experiences. Here are more reasons why children should join a playgroup in Singapore.