Key Factors that makes a Good Infant Care Centre

Hiring local helpers and nannies to take care of your little one is a great solution for busy parents. However, a reputable infant care centre can do much more than that. It serves as a conducive place where your child is given learning opportunities under the guidance of experienced, well-trained early childhood development professionals.

An infant care centre also allows your child to grow in a stimulating environment, shaping their characters for the better at a young age. As there are numerous infant care centres in Singapore, we understand that choosing the ideal one can be challenging. Thus, we have curated a list of key factors to help you with the decision-making process. Read this article to find out more.

1. Teachers

The well-being and comfort of children should always be prioritised, but especially so in an infant care centre. Close supervision is necessary to ensure their wellness and a fun learning experience. In particular, infants require constant attention. Therefore, an infant care centre with a smaller teacher-infant ratio may be the perfect choice for most parents. At The Schoolhouse by Busy Bees, our staff to infant ratio is 1:3, while the ECDA or ministry ratio is 1:5. With this smaller ratio, each teacher’s workload is well distributed for quality care and curriculum.

2. Curriculum

A well-planned curriculum establishes measurable plans and structures for teachers, school leaders, students and community stakeholders to deliver quality education. As a renowned infant care centre in Singapore, we provide a curriculum that embraces a meaningful “inquiry-embedded play based approach”. We believe that learning should be fun, hands-on and intellectually challenging, achieved through our unique, progressive and all-encompassing age-designed learning programmes. These programmes are globally renowned, integrated with the requirements of the local school framework.

inquiry-embedded play based approach

3. Care and routine

Like any other reliable childcare centre in Singapore, an infant care centre should establish good care and a routine. This positively affects how children feel and behave. At The Schoolhouse by Busy Bees, we adhere to each individual infant’s schedule. Be rest assured that your little ones are cared for in a conducive and nurturing environment while taking into account their sleeping and meal time. We recognise children as unique, active meaning makers with their own interests, routines, and preferences, and our educators work closely with them to develop interactions and bonds that are respectful, responsive, and reciprocal. In such environments, children can build a secure relationship attachment, in which they feel safe interacting with others.

4. Environment

While it is crucial for children to love their learning environment, parents should feel comfortable as well. A good infant care centre welcomes both parents and children, exuding a warm and inviting atmosphere. Take the time to determine whether the centre’s philosophy and values align with your parenting beliefs. As advocates of green efforts, our teaching materials are recyclable, promoting greater sustainability. We also implement the no-uniform policy, empowering every child to form their own identity and be confident in who they are.

5. Meals

Nutrition plays an essential role in an infant’s growth, which is why the meal preparation process should never be overlooked when selecting a suitable infant care centre for your little one. A quality infant care centre prioritises the different growing needs of each infant and constantly communicates with parents to ensure proper and healthy diets. The Schoolhouse by Busy Bees values the nutrient intake of every student. We include salmon, Batang fish, as well as various types of fruits and vegetables into daily meals for maximum health benefits. We also encourage infants to explore different types of highly-nutritious foods for themselves.

6. Parent communication

Parents and teachers are perhaps the adults with the most influence on a child’s growing journey. Good infant care centres are aware of this, taking the time to communicate with parents on their child’s daily activities and progress. This close relationship helps both parties better understand the child’s needs to enhance their development. The LittlePoop App is one of the ways we foster effective communication with parents. With our app, parents can receive regular daily updates on their child’s development throughout the day, tracking their overall health and growth.

Parent Communication that Makes A Good Infant Care Centre

A quality infant care centre paves way for the healthy development process of children, serving as a source of support for families. We hope the key factors above have been useful in helping to ease the selection process.

The Schoolhouse by Busy Bees operates 17 preschools and 5 infant care centres in Singapore. We strive to remain at the forefront of local early childhood education. Contact us now to engage your child in a joyful learning experience.

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