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How to Prepare Your Child for the Transition From Preschool to Primary School

Preschool serves as the foundation for formal education, playing a pivotal role in shaping children’s learning experience. This journey marks the start of their structured academic exploration, guiding them from early childhood education to primary school. As this transition is a significant milestone for both parents and children, it is important to navigate it strategically. Here, we will explore practical tips on how parents can assist their little ones through this change.

1. Help Them to Develop Social Skills

For a smoother transition to primary school, your child will need intentional avenues to nurture and develop their social skills. These abilities enable them to recognise social cues and feel comfortable even in potentially unfamiliar settings. At The Schoolhouse, we are committed to providing the space for an interactive learning environment where your child will be able to learn how to recognise social skills through collaborative group activities.

2. Establish Bedtime and Wake-Up Routine

Preschools in Singapore focus on academic growth and the cultivation of good habits to improve a child’s overall well-being. Setting up a consistent sleep schedule and wake-up routine is a crucial step to this approach. Ensuring your child receives sufficient sleep and wakes up refreshed is important for their physical and mental health. Consider setting a bedtime before 9 pm and encouraging your child to get up early, ideally at least an hour before leaving the house, so that they get to enjoy a gradual and calm start to the day. This schedule helps promote alertness and develop a positive mindset in your child.

3. Assigning Chores to Instil Responsibility

Assigning chores around the house introduces your child to the concept of assignments, helping them understand what is expected of them and the responsibilities that they hold. Whether it’s tidying up their play area or assisting with their meal time set up, these tasks help them see why contributing to the well-being of their living environment can be beneficial. Furthermore, doing housework teaches your child the value of precision and order. As they complete each task with attention to detail and adherence to guidelines, they learn the importance of carrying out instructions accurately. This is particularly advantageous in a school setting, where following directions plays a part in academic activities.

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4. Cultivate Reading Interest

Engage your child through reading and cultivate a culture of learning at home. To prepare your child for their transition to primary school, guide them in reading aloud and encourage them as they learn how to express their thoughts and emotions.

At The Schoolhouse, our Author Study Programme is a unique reading and writing initiative designed to stimulate interest in storytelling while helping children gain essential skills, such as reading comprehension, writing proficiency, research abilities, and critical thinking.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How can parents help their children develop social skills for kindergarten?
    Encourage interactions with peers, teach them to follow instructions, and develop good listening habits.
  2. How to encourage children to develop a love for reading before kindergarten?
    Read together regularly, visit the library, and consider programmes like The Schoolhouse’s Author Study Programme.
  3. How does The Schoolhouse prepare K2 students for a seamless transition to primary school?
    The Schoolhouse ensures a smooth transition for K2 students by organising primary school visits and introducing engaging learning experiences, such as a uniform dressing party, assembly, and canteen sessions. These help them adapt to new routines and social settings, while collectively building confidence and excitement for the next stage of their educational journey.
  4. How can The Schoolhouse create a supportive and open environment for discussing emotions with children?
    The Schoolhouse incorporates confidence-building events and activities that promote open communication about emotions.
  5. How can parents effectively harness The Schoolhouse’s programs to foster their child’s creativity and imagination?
    Engage in activities like reading together, participating in The Schoolhouse’s Author Study Programme, and encouraging imaginative play at home.

Easing the transition from kindergarten to primary school for children requires a collaborative effort between parents and educators. The Schoolhouse, dedicated to being one of the best preschools in Singapore, stands as an ideal partner in this journey. 

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