Homely Heritage

Broadening the possibilities of your child's future.

We are a local neighborhood preschool growing into a global neighborhood. We will always be your child’s second home, providing them with a close-knit community to become confident children yearning to learn and explore the world.

Global Connected Citizens

Raising connected and relevant global citizens.

We will enrich your child’s understanding and connection to the world around them to become society-conscious, tech-empowered, and environmentally mindful global citizens.

Future Ready Explorers

Imparting 21st-century skills and values.

We will engage your child’s passion to be connected, creative, courageous, compassionate, and collaborative.

Learning Reimagined

Nurturing your child to be critical thinker through play.

We will connect your child’s full senses through real-world explorations to understand the world around them.

Proven & Passionate

Backed by 35 years of nurturing young minds.

Our passion for children is the firm foundation that propels us to be innovative and beyond in early childhood education.


Our Centre Locations

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Our Philosophy

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